Flowering Tea Flowering teas, also called blooming teas, are a combination of tea leaves and various types of flowers these are skillfully tied together into bundles that are painstakingly designed to unfurl into beautiful, artful shapes when brewed. Given this, they should be brewed directly in a tall clear glass or glass teapot, so you can enjoy both the taste and the artistic display. While brewing the flower tea, you will see they are very charming and attractive. You can not only enjoy the delicacy of tea and mellowness of flowers, but also can appreciate the sense of beauty.

Double Happiness Flowering

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Intended for your eyes and for your taste buds enjoyment this hand-tied artisan tea display is both beautiful and alluring to taste. The tea unfurl when added to water, revealing delicate chrysanthemums flowers, amaranth globe and jasmine flowers hidden within. This green tea can be infused again and again to prolong your enjoyment. It contain jasmine blossoms and can gently soothe away your tension. Enjoy!


2 oz (7 balls) or 1 lb (14 balls) stand up zip-lock bags;(packed by weight)
Water Temperature: 206 F degrees
Caffeine Content: Medium
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes
Suggested Serving Size: 1 ball per teapot
Ingredients: Green tea with two chrysanthemum flowers, amaranth globe and jasmine flowers

Double Happiness Flowering

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